Improvements to Workflows that use Date/Time fields

Flexible filtering and rule options with consistent and accurate results when using date/time fields.

There is now parity between the Builder and Live App, unexpected behavior with rules and filters are corrected, and the overall user experience is improved.

Filter for, and create rules for very granular - or broad - data with one click.
Checkboxes for “Any Date” and “Any Time” on Rules and Filters


Rolling weeks and rolling months add more flexible date choices.


Time Filters are available in the Live App.


Changes to Rules

Fix: Validation Rules will work as expected for Date and Time criteria
Pre-release, validation rules for any combination of dates, times, and some operators did not run.
Post-release, validation rules now run as expected when using a Date/Time field for the criteria, including date and time, just date, or just time.

Some customers did not realize field validation rules were not working, so now they’ll see saved workflows starting to run.

Previously, conditional rules only worked with date or time fields; now, they work when both date and time are enabled on the field.

These are the areas that may have saved workflows:
Conditional Rules
Validation Rules
Submit Rules
Page Rules
Display Rules
Record Rules
Email Rules


Changes to Filters

Fix: Filters will work as expected for Date and Time criteria
Pre-release: filters, with any operators, that included time, were not respecting the time field. For example, filtering for a specific date and time would show results for the entire day.
Post-release: filters with any date/time operators will return records exactly as they are set up, including matching the exact time.

These are the areas that may have saved filters:
Data Source Filters
Filter Menus
Custom Filter defaults
Connection Picker filters
Formula Field Filters

Now, the same filter will run for records matching the exact time.

In the example below, the filter will return results based on specific times.
If there are filters saved with specific times, and previous behavior of showing all results are preferred, select the new “any time” checkbox.


Rolling Dates

Pre-release: Weeks and months were treated as rolling weeks and months, and not calendar weeks and months.
Post-release: Weeks and months in the app are changed to calendar weeks and months. A calendar week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.
A calendar month is defined as the first through the last day of the month.

To retain the previous behavior for weeks and months, update settings to the new rolling weeks and rolling months options.