View Link Styles Override

View Links Overrides

A new ‘Link Design’ section for eligible view links (page links, action links, delete links) will allow you to individually customize their style, overriding global design settings set.

New Classes

The existing markup and classes for view links will remain the same. However, we have added a class for each one of the link types:


These new classes don’t affect existing styles or customizations, but it creates consistency with the current class pattern in place for .knViewLink

Removed minimum width

During development we discovered that a min-width: 64px CSS property was being applied to view links using ‘fill’ and ‘outline’ styles, causing smaller links (less than 64px wide) to have a width of 64px. This was incorrect since the width of a link should be determined by its size and content, and not rely on an explicit minimum value. Therefore, this CSS property has been removed.

This could potentially be a breaking change for existing view links that rely on that minimum width of 64px, since they would now use their correct width (determined by their size and content) rather than a fixed value of 64px.

If you still prefer having a minimum width for ‘fill’ and ‘outline’ view links, copy this code into your app's CSS:

/* applies a min width to view links using 'fill' and 'outline' styles */
#knack-body .knViewLink--filled, 
#knack-body .knViewLink--outlined {
	min-width: 64px;