Styling Embedded Apps

When you embed your Knack app to your own website or blog, that app is added directly to your website’s HTML code. This means that it will follow any CSS rules you’re including for that web page. A Knack app will typically follow your font and link color styles by default.

You can also add additional CSS styles to modify the default Knack styles. Any styles added to the same page you publish your app to will be applied to the HTML of your Knack app.


When embedding, the styles from your external site will not affect the app when viewed directly at; they will only affect the embedded version of the app.

Adding directly to your app

You can add CSS styles directly to your app. From the Settings section of the Builder, click on "API & code and the CSS in the top menu. There you can add your own styles to your app.



These styles will affect both the apps and any embedded apps.

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